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Our story

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Since 2010 we have been studying traditional and contemporary Hawaiian medicines, as well as different medicinal plants from around the world that also thrive in this climate, and have been found to be beneficial for both humans and the land.

We now own properties deep in the Hawaiian jungles and mountains. Today Maui CBD Collective works directly with herbalists, micro farms, local medicine people, and laboratories. We research traditional and contemporary Hawaiian medicines, as well as different medicinal plants that thrive here and have been found to be beneficial for both humans and the land.

Our goal is to bring sustainable wealth to small micro farms. Hand in hand with the local Hawaiian community we are finding ways to preserve the environment and the ancient Hawaiian plant wisdom.

We believe that traditional wisdom and modern science can combine important resources for a long term vision of biological health. We are determined in our support of indigenous land rights and sustainable agriculture. A portion of each sale is designated to help bring free herbal medicines, land, and foods to the Hawaiian peoples.

Over the years, we have come to understand that healthy nutrition and clean water, is often the defining factor between healthy, happy cultures and over-stressed or impoverished communities. We have also discovered that much of the devastation to the earth forest is a result of non-sustainable farming operations like the cane and pineapple field plantations that destroyed and polluted the lower regions of Hawaii.

We hope to alleviate this by embracing permaculture, micro farm models, and a sustainable harvest practices wherever we work. We believe that a nutrient-rich food supply can contribute to emotional and spiritual aspects such as tranquility, contemplation and compassion for others. Chemical imbalances in the body govern the attitudes and mood. Good health, stamina, and clarity of mind are bounties immeasurable by monetary means, and can contribute to peace on the planet.

The Permaculture Way

Here at Maui CBD we care about the earth and regenerating the soil for generations to come. We grow all our herbs and foods in living soils, beyond organic with a medley of different species of herbs, flowers, and trees co-existing together.

Living soil is created in the earth when you do not till or change the soil. We feed compost teas and plant ferments to our gardens which nourishes the microflora in the soil. Building up living soil takes time and dedication to get the soil to a place where it starts producing richer spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids.

By creating diverse gardens where a variety of plants co-exist we are able to create a natural protection against bug infestation, mold, and other pests. We also plant a wide variety of flowers that attract wonderful pollinators to our gardens.

We take pride in providing you with beyond organic hemp oil extracts that you can trust, straight from the ‘aina.

Our Mission

Our mission at Maui CBD Collective is to:

  • Build and maintain real, authentic connections with farmers, herbalists, and customers.
  • Practice sustainability and regenerative farming and business practices for the next 7 generations to come.
  • Support ancient wisdom and carry on the knowledge and medicines.
  • Embrace beyond organic quality

After 10 years of research , we are proud to share what we have learned about our priorities and beliefs as a company. It is because of the indigenous people’s knowledge of plants and nature, and the way they documented them (in stories, songs, dance, and in their food and medicine ) that we are able to pass on to you these amazing botanicals.

Our belief is that we can come together as a community, and share the abundance of the garden to bring health and peace to our societies. One of the most harmful things a company can do to a small farmer is to pressure them to use chemicals or short-sighted farming practices. We never pressure our growers to utilize chemicals to increase yield. We don’t allow that kind of farming and we do inspections of all of our micro farms in Hawaii to assure organic practices are being followed. In fact, we promote organic agriculture and collaborate with traditional farmers who specialize in organic methods.

Maui CBD Collective is dedicated to providing the highest quality products, from soil to oil. In our commitment to quality, we provide third-party testing to ensure the products we offer live up to our high standards. We follow the strict guidelines set forth by such agencies as FDA (CGMP), Biodynamic, and the USDA. We do this not only to follow rules, but make it our mission to always push ourselves to deliver the highest quality products.

We want to offer our thanks for your continued support of our collective, our products and our values. We are proud to stand behind the ethics this company was built upon. Mahalo for being a part of our vision.