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Patient discussing anxiety with his doctor. what is the ideal cbd dosage for anxiety?

Everything You Need to Know About The Ideal CBD Dosage For Anxiety 

CBD Dosage For Anxiety

In today’s world everyone is feeling the effects of stress, and electromagnetic radiation. This is known to cause anxiety and fatigue.

We want to talk about CBD dosage for anxiety. 

The correct dose depends on body weight, if you’re a sensitive person to other medications, if you use cannabis, and your age.

For an average person, we recommend starting with 15mg CBD and adding 5 mg more per day until the right dose is found. Between 15-85mg seems to cover most people, and after using it long term you may find it takes more to get relief. 

In that case we recommend switching cannabinoids to CBG rich formula for a week or 2 then go back to the high CBD. Or try a 50/50 blend. 

CBD oil in a dropper into a bottle of CBD oil to be used for anxiety. Buy CBD oil for stress and depression in Hawaii.


The Ideal CBD Oil Dosage For Anxiety

A CBD anxiety dose is taken 3 x a day or even more at times. CBD is known to activate the CB 1 and CB 2 receptors of the brain which calm us down and relieve pain. 

Taking CBD ongoing can really up your possibilities. If you are wondering what CBD oil for cats anxiety dose is then we would recommend 1 mg. Possibly 2 mg once you know for sure they can handle it. 

If anyone is sensitive, start them out with 5mg instead of 15 mg. 

Hemp has many cannabinoids and our hemp is full-spectrum with a strong entourage effect and good absorption rate. When a person has anxiety daily and it won’t go away it can be debilitating. 

Coming back into your power and into a life full of love and health. We know our products can activate very important parts of the endocannabinoid system in each human body. 

Happy woman relaxing outdoors. Fins the perfect cbd oil dosage for anxiety. How to take cbd for anxiety dosage.

CBD Dosages & Your Nervous System

Cannabis has a profound effect on our nervous systems which regulate the feelings of anxiety. By using CBD your nervous system is being strengthened. 

We also recommend an organic plant-based diet, clean pure drinking water, exercise, sunshine, and laughter. 

Anxiety also comes from having things in the back of your mind. Things you hide from others or you can’t handle get stuck in your body and cause anxiety. 

Sharing your secrets and exposing your weaknesses are very healing. CBD can help us relax and be able to get things “off our shoulders” so emotionally it’s important to strengthen your body systems to fortify your health and handle the stress that comes with life.

Woman indoors in a yoga pose. Buy CBD gummies for anxiety and depression online in Hawaii.

Dosing CBD Oil For Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety takes away our peace of mind and puts us on high alert! If we correctly add CBD to our daily regimen, then we will reduce the moments when we feel overwhelmed and unmotivated. 

Depression is tied to anxiety and can lead us to not succeed in life. It’s hard to leave the house or engage with people when we have our nervous system freaking out. We have noticed a connection to cell phones and computers and anxiety. 

We recommend a strong consistent dose of CBD each day to calibrate your nervous system to not be as affected by technology. 

The nervous system is put into flight or fight mode by the blue light coming from the monitors and the flickering of light from the screen. 

The naked eye cannot pick up on this flickering and blue light, but the nervous system is highly affected and puts us in danger mode, destroys our natural sleep rhythm, and can create chronic anxiety in our daily lives. 

It’s very hard to escape the screen now and we need to be aware of the effect it has on our systems and counter it with natural medicines. Hemp cannabinoids are a major protectant in this regard. 

No matter what the dosage of CBD you take, it will help support your nervous system from the damaging frequencies of cell phones and WiFi.

We recommend taking our turmeric akala 1000 or Kava Akala 1000 3 times a day, and 1-3 full droppers each time. 

Adult male stressed out on a laptop. Buy hemp-derived CBD products in Maui.

How Many MGs of CBD Should I Take?

The endocannabinoid system fortifies our nervous system and will shield you from the effects of radiation and frequencies. In today’s world it’s a must to use hemp cannabinoids. 

Our products all contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids including CBD, CBD, CBC, CBN, CBL, and trace amounts of THC, plus Terpenes which act as keys to turn on certain key systems of the body.

Remember your daily CBD dose for anxiety will help you support your life in many ways and give you an advantage in longevity, strength and mental capacity.

CBD dosage for anxiety mg amount is between 15-80mg. CBD oil dosage for anxiety depends on many factors such as diet, lifestyle, age, and sensitivity. 

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What is the CBD Dosage For Extreme Anxiety?

We suggest 50-100mg. If the anxiety is extreme we recommend taking CBD products that combine other herbs for anxiety like Kava. 

Kava is a powerful anti anxiety herb and when combined with CBD, it actually becomes much more powerful. 

Our kava akala 1000 is our strongest most potent formula to support the nervous system restoration. Used by island cultures for centuries, this combo has proven highly effective. 

You can take capsules like our anuhea capsules which have MCT oil and acacia fiber and are easily absorbed by the body. 

Tincture or capsules work the same in the body and which one to use is more of a preference. 

If you don’t like the taste of full-spectrum CBD tinctures then capsules are an easy way to use CBD.

Adding CBD oil to your morning tea or coffee will help with anxiety as well as caffeine cause anxiety and CBD oil helps balance out the increased nervous system response that caffeine produces.

Get the energy you want, without the jitters! Really effective in this way.

If you have any questions you can ask us directly using the ask a herbalist button on our website.

Thank you for supporting our movement to bring a sustainable medicine supply to the people, and giving a natural way to alleviate the symptoms of an overworked nervous system.

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