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full spectrum cbd capsules and gummies in hawaii maui cbd collective.

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules & Full Spectrum CBD Gummies in Hawaii

Best Full Spectrum CBD Capsules And Gummies in Hawaii

Aloha and welcome to Maui CBD Collective.

I wanted to talk today about full-spectrum CBD capsules and full-spectrum CBD gummies, and why it’s important to buy from a high-quality brand. 

The first thing to consider is are you buying a full-spectrum cannabinoid-rich hemp oil that is fresh, organic, and properly extracted? 

Hemp based full spectrum CBD oil. What is full spectrum cbd?

What You Need To Know When Buying CBD Capsules or Gummies in Hawaii

In order to find out if your supplier is using traceable organic hemp oil, you need to ask the supplier where their oil comes from. 

If they don’t know or say “from a  3rd-party”, then you know they don’t care. If they say they’re not sure then I feel it’s questionable. 

You should hear that yes we grow this hemp ourselves and we use these techniques and these kinds of fertilizers to grow the hemp. 

You should hear that when they extract it, that they only use organic alcohol to extract the cannabinoids and Terpenes from the hemp plant. 

A full-spectrum CBD capsules/full-spectrum CBD gummy is very effective because all the medicinal qualities are remaining intact. Also, the full spectrum gummy you buy should have high-quality ingredients. 

No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors should be added. No corn syrup, and make sure they use organic sugar or honey. 

where to buy full spectrum cbd gummies and full spectrum cbd capsules in Hawaii.

What About Our CBD Gummies?

Our foul spectrum gummies are real fresh Hawaiian fruit blended with just a few ingredients plus hemp oil to really deliver a healthy snack that makes the medicine go down. 

Even though in most cases sugar is not good for us, the use of organic sugar in our gummies actually helps the CBD absorb better into the organs of the body. 

Also, bacteria, fungi, cancer cells, and other unwelcome guests will be attracted to the sugar and will eat CBD and Terpenes with it, slowing down its ability to harm you. 

Full-spectrum gummies come in many shapes and sizes. Maui CBD gummies are square and more than 1/2 organic Hawaiian fruit. Each bite takes you on a journey to Hawaii. 

Our full spectrum gummies are lab tested for heavy metals, microbiology, pesticides, cannabinoids, terpenes, residual solvents, and mycotoxins. 

Our gummies use our certified organic hemp extracts to assure the ultimate quality. We chose 15mg per gummy because we know from experience you never eat just one. We have three flavors all real flavors from mango, passionfruit, and guava. 

full spectrum cbd gummies from the Maui CBD Collective in Hawaii.

How To Dose Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies

So we think the average dose will be 2-3 gummies which would be 30-45 mg CBD. After hearing tons of feedback we know now that only 3% of the population is ultra-sensitive to CBD oil. 

That 3% can feel too much from the full spectrum gummies and not be able to eat even 1 gummy. The other 97% of the people tolerate CBD very well and have on average between 15mg-75mg to be effective relief. That’s 1-5 gummies.

If you’re older the 60 we recommend only 1/2 gummy which equals 7.5mg. Then double daily until you find relief.

Adult relaxing and using CBD gummies from Hawaii.

Buy Your CBD Capsules & Gummies From The Maui CBD Collective

Full-spectrum gummies, like full-spectrum CBD capsules, are far superior to any other company has, as our ingredients are carefully selected from local organic sources on Maui.

We are going to expand our flavors on our full spectrum gummies as we grow, so keep following us to get new flavors.

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