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cbd oil in an eye dropper. how much cbd should i take? proper and effective cbd oil dosage.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take: Your CBD Dosage Guidelines

This is a question most people are asking when they buy their first bottle of CBD oil. CBD doses vary depending on the potency of the product you buy.

First I want to share a little bit about what we have learned about CBD oil and dosage amount

4 Types of CBD Oil To Consider

1. Full-Spectrum

This kind of oil is extracted from the hemp plant and kept intact, meaning no cannabinoids or Terpenes were removed during the extraction process, and all the healing benefits of the cannabinoids and terpenes that are naturally occurring are left in the oil and have not been removed.

hemp-derived cbd oil in Hawaii. how much cbd oil should i take? proper and effective cbd oil dosage.

2. Broad Spectrum

This is a full spectrum oil that has had the THC removed. The THC is removed so that people who are being drug tested can pass a THC drug test.

A lot of people in the military or jobs that require operating machinery or vehicles get drug tests at work. So this type of oil addresses that need.

broad spectrum CBD oil from Hawaii in glass bottles. How many drops of cbd oil should i take? How to dose CBD products.

3. CBD Isolate

This usually comes in a powder form and is blended with oil to make a product. Isolate has had all the cannabinoids and Terpenes removed so that all that’s left is CBD.

This isolated CBD oil has been identified as having side effects and possible long term health problems.

A lot of companies like to use isolate because it is easy to blend exact amounts, has no THC, and is readily available and easy to transport. The problem is that isolate loses the entourage effect that full-spectrum has, and also makes it more difficult to absorb.

hemp-derived CBD isolate oil in hawaii. how many drops of hemp oil do i need for pain?

4. Nano-Emulsified CBD

This type of oil has had its molecules blasted into nanoparticles which are super tiny particles that blend together and don’t separate for a long time. 

Nanotechnology is supposed to make the CBD oil much more absorbable in the body and Can be blended in water or oil. 

Many believe that this makes the CBD oil easy to absorb into the bloodstream and gives a quicker more potent delivery.

So Which One Is Best For Me?

The full spectrum has the safest record and also shows the best results for long term use and ease to be used by the endocannabinoid system. 

The broad spectrum even though you can use it without fear of a dirty urine test, it loses a lot of its potency as THC in small quantities has shown to be important to activating CBD in the body, and harder for the body to absorb. 

The isolate is very controversial. We note that isolate has the most side effects and potential long term effects of becoming a free radical that is not absorbed by the body. 

The effect can be quite potent because it hits the system fairly hard and does not act in accordance with the natural delivery system that a full spectrum will do. 

Isolate causes the body to absorb the CBD, but has no way of processing it, as it needs the secondary cannabinoids like THC, CBG, CBD, CBN plus the Terpenes to unlock the healing it does in the body. 

The dosage level for each of these products will vary based on potency

adult woman holding hemp oil bottle in maui, hawaii.

Dosing CBD Products – What You Need To Know

The most common product on the market today are tinctures, capsules, and gummies. With the tinctures, the most standard strength is a 1 oz(30ml) tincture bottle with 1000mg CBD. 

If this is a full-spectrum CBD product like all of our products are, then in addition to the 1000mg CBD listed on the label, there are other smaller amounts of cannabinoids like THC, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBL, and a range of Terpenes like myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, limónene, and other Terpenes.

Each of these helps the CBD oil absorb into the body and regulate the way it affects the endocannabinoid system. Because there is the whole plant extract, you will be receiving the plant oils the way nature intended for you to receive it. 

On average we noted that a stopper full which is a ml and has 33mg CBD in it is a strong therapeutic dose. 

We usually recommend starting with a 1/2 dropper or 1/2 ml of oil which is 15mg CBD, and then doubling the dosage every day until you find relief or get tired from it. 

When you reach your threshold you may want to stay there or lower your dosage some. Between 15mg-80mg is most people’s sweet spot. 

Some need this amount 3x a day, where others only need a strong dose once a day, usually in the morning. If you have extreme pain or cannot sleep, then we recommend at least 50mg in one dosage to see if that helps and if it does not then try 100mg. 

hemp oil in an eye dropper being dosed correctly

How Much CBD To Dose For Pain

If you have pain that is mild and not chronic, then we recommend starting with 25mg and moving up 15mg per day until you reach the desired effect. 

The broad spectrum oil we noticed takes a little bit more to get the desired effect. So we believe that a dosage in the range of 25-100mg is a range most see effective. 

With the isolate, we noticed that you can have a great effect on a little amount, but it’s not the same healing effect and is more of an effect that the body has because it’s actually hardest to absorb, and causes free radicals and side effects. 

We do not recommend isolated CBD products. We do not sell broad-spectrum or isolate products at all. 

The nano emulsified products are the newest and even though humans have not experimented with this kind of technology for very long it has been embraced for its absorption properties. 

Nano CBD can absorb better and effects Can be felt with far less CBD, we still do not know what happens when the body absorbs so much oil in such small droplets. Some theories are saying that the nano may in fact force your body to absorb oils in ways it never has naturally, leading some to move slowly with caution in order to see what happens over the long term. 

All these technologies are fascinating but unknown in its long term effects. Only the full-spectrum CBD oil that has all its parts left in it, and creates the entourage effect is known to be safe and tried and true for many years. 

Elder gentleman showing signs of back pain. how much cbd oil to take for back pain?

So How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

So when you ask How much CBD oil should I take, the answer is multi-pronged. I say the best way to start your hemp healing journey is to only use full-spectrum CBD oil from a source you can verify grows organically, does not use any artificial flavors or preservatives, and has easy access to see pictures of the Farm it’s Grown at, the ingredients they use, and the people who grow and make the medicines. 

Total transparency is optimal when sourcing CBD products. Vertical integration is when a farm does the entire process assuring the quality and source of the ingredients. 

Here at we are 100% transparent and show pictures of our hemp we grow, and our farms process which is 100% beyond organic by growing a polyculture, instead of a monoculture, hand harvesting, small-batch artisan crafted, and blended with other traditional herbal medicine plants to create a synergistic effect. 

We only hire herbalists who have gone to school to formulate true natural medicines the way nature intended. The capsules usually come in the above-mentioned styles and again we only recommend the full spectrum capsules as we have at

We noticed a dosage level between 10-25mg is a normal amount to start with and easing it up to 20-50mg is normal as our body gets used to the oil. 

The isolate we do not recommend using at all. The nano CBD we have noticed it needs less and an effective dose is between 10-20mg to start. 

How much CBD I should take is a normal question. If you are planning to buy the formulas we recommend you buy a 1000mg tincture and start with 1/2 dropper. That’s 15mg. 

Adult woman smelling flowers and pain free

Can I Take Too Much CBD?

That’s a good question. Taking too much CBD usually makes our body and mind feel tired and if that happens you know you are taking too much. 

Cbd oil wears off after a few hours so just lay down and relax and enjoy some rest if that does happen to you. 

How Many Drops of CBD Oil Should I Take?

In our 1000mg tincture, each drop is approx 1.5mg CBD. So 10 drops are 15mg. For a pet 1-2 drops is plenty as a dog or cat is 10x more sensitive to CBD than humans. Cbd oil dosage is an important subject and one that we have studied extensively. 

For instance, we have a formula that has full-spectrum CBD oil blended with kava root. We call this formula kava Akala. 

The kava has a very strong effect on its own and when combined with CBD oil it increases both of the effects of kava and CBD. It has a synergistic effect called entourage. 

In the case of the kava CBD we sell, we recommend starting with less because the effect Can be very potent. 

Try 5-10 drops to start to see how your body handles this very potent formula. 

On the other hand, we blend a Hawaiian red turmeric root with full-spectrum oil, and we find it has amazing healing properties and most people’s bodies can take in a lot of turmeric CBD without any issues. 

So this formula allows for a larger dose and a really relaxing effect from the anti-inflammation qualities of turmeric joined with the same qualities in the CBD oil. We recommend 20-30 drops to start with our turmeric Akala 1000. 

Adding traditional herbs to hemp CBD oil is the best line of defense you can have for strengthening your body’s ability to heal. 

We have a lab test page (LINK!!!) which lists all the products and third-party lab testing for all contaminates.

As you can see we have zero contaminates and our standards are even higher than USDA organic standards.

Cbd for anxiety dosage is normally in the range of 20-50mg. 

Our favorite CBD oil for anxiety is the serene being 1000. We add passionflowers to the hemp CBD oil to get an entourage going of these potent nerving tonics. 

The passionflowers are a deeply effective tonic for the nervous system which is responsible for anxiety. We recommend using this formula daily 2-3x a day for at least 30 days to feel amazing results. 

adult woman relaxing in bath. buy cbd oil in hawaii.

Can You Take Too Much CBD Oil?

The short answer is yes. Our bodies will assimilate a high dosage of CBD in a matter of a few hours but a really high dosage of say over 100mg at once Can cause sleepiness, foggy thinking, and lack of motivation. 

We do not recommend using more than 100mg at once and only that much if you have already tried smaller doses with little or no effect. When you’re deciding on your CBD dosage please consider if you are sensitive to other plant medicines like cannabis, herbal tea, or pharmaceuticals? 

If you are sensitive to other drugs, or you are over the age of 65, then we recommend going very slowly. Taking your time and starting with microdoses of 5-10 mg CBD. 

In a 1000mg tincture that would be 5-7 drops. The full spectrum or nano CBD is the only one we recommend and the nano is new and we still don’t know or understand the potential risks associated with nanoparticles in the body. 

So other than full-spectrum oil, you are taking a risk of the unknown uncharted territory of these new delivery systems.

buy CBD oil in hawaii from

Dosing CBD Gummies

We also offer CBD gummies. Very addicting and easy to take, these Can be a fun way to take CBD but we caution you to not eat too many. The gummies vary in potency from 5mg to 25mg each. 

We find a 10mg gummy of a full spectrum oil will give relief and most people eat 3-5 at a time. So when eating gummies it’s important to choose a gummy that is natural with no artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives. 

When healing it’s very important to avoid these kinds of ingredients. Choose natural organic gummies that use high-grade ingredients like real fruit juice and vegan ingredients.

That way your CBD dosage you get from gummies will be highly effective, fun to eat, and a good sweet snack for your body.

buy cbd gummies in hawaii.

The Takeaway

So basically a dosage between 10-100 with an average dose of 15-30 being very normal range for most people. Some of the things to consider is tolerance level, the weight of your body, sensitivity to drugs, age, illness level, pain threshold, and if the pain is chronic or acute. 

On our website, we have a chat button called “asks a herbalist”. Feel free to ask us questions on our website We are here to help you make a crucial decision that can change your life for the better. 

We hope you will try out our line of CBD products as we know that ours is the best on the market today.

Thanks for checking us out.

Karuna Williams

Visionary gardener and medicine maker for Maui CBD Collective.

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