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Is CBD Oil Legal in Hawaii?

The Legality Of CBD In Hawaii

Yes! The answer is yes. Only recently did Hawaii clarify its position on CBD oil and hemp-derived products. 

In the 2020 legislation, the governor of Hawaii passed a law making it legal to sell dietary supplements like tinctures and capsules, as well as topical products for spas, beauty, and massage use. 

CBD oil that is Hawaii Grown is a special treat. The equatorial sun, fresh tropical air, and volcanic souls make CBD oil grown in Hawaii extra special. 

Our community had a very important battle over the last few years, and we had a huge grey area around the question: Is CBD oil legal in Hawaii?

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CBD Oil in Hawaii – What You Need To Know

Last year we had a corporate takeover almost happen. Certain companies in Hawaii are operating dispensaries that were given a monopoly in the state to sell high THC cannabis

The owners of these monopolies conspired with politicians in Hawaii to draft a law that would have made CBD oil illegal to sell outside dispensaries and would have created another monopoly in Hawaii. 

Luckily our community got together to defend our right to access CBD oil at all the stores, and have lots of growers and small businesses providing CBD oil. 

The people were up against the 1% which can buy votes and write legislation, pay off politicians and make it so the people are forced to buy from only 1-2 sources in the whole state!! 

Luckily the people got together and sent thousands of emails to the local politicians letting them know that we don’t want hemp CBD to be corporate, we don’t want a monopoly on hemp products in Hawaii, and we trust that letting the market be free to all, that quality would be higher and more variety would lower the price. 

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History of CBD Being Legal in Hawaii

Just 2 months ago Hawaii clarified the question: is CBD oil legal in Hawaii? As a small business owner witnessing the corruption that can occur around laws and how they can be passed to serve a few people in the community. 

This problem is a lesson for us all to participate in our local elections and keep updated on laws that are being voted on. When it comes to natural health products, we as a community have some very powerful forces working against us. 

We have a misunderstanding of government officials and religious organizations that believe hemp cannabinoids are only a Trojan horse to legalize cannabis and use old propaganda to confuse consumers. 

We have the powerful lobbies of pharmaceutical corporations who have a monopoly on medicines in America and hate the idea of natural healing especially hemp because basically, anyone with a backyard in Hawaii can grow their own medicine

We also have the misunderstanding that the community has from being misguided about hemp. The fact that hemp looks exactly like cannabis is a fear that has connected THC with CBD

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What About THC?

THC is a powerful medicine that comes from the cannabis Sativa plant. CBD is a powerful medicine that comes from cannabis Sativa also. Both plants are from the same genus, and each has a different function for healing. 

CBD is nonpsychoactive so it does not produce the “high” that is famous with the THC molecule. Our government, religious organizations, and Big Pharma have all conspired to confuse and instill fear around this natural way of healing because it threatens the very fabric of their belief systems. 

The entire system of healing is based on layer upon layer of propaganda stating that we need doctors with 8 years of schooling to tell us how to heal, and we need robots and high technology producing synthetic drugs that are rip-offs of plant medicines that have been genetically altered and lab produced to mimic effects of mother nature. 

The issue we face is that these isolated compounds have mass side effects. The full spectrum oils derived from plants have a formula made by nature over millions of years to be perfect for humans, easily absorbed, and with little or no side effects. 

Big Pharma realizes if people awaken to the power of nature to heal us, that it’s very possible that the whole system of synthetic pharmaceuticals may die out and become obsolete. Humans evolved on earth using plants to heal. 

Our bodies have receptor sites in the brain and throughout the body that receive these full-spectrum extracts of plants. The various cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are all in a perfect proportion to be absorbed naturally into the body and to relieve pain and imbalances without side effects. 

It is our belief that the Big Pharma products will die out over time and people will demand natural medicines once again. It’s a return to the garden of Eden. 

A return to the earth to be healed and nurtured in a natural way that connects us to all of life on earth. The lab products are dead of life and create free radicals in the body. 

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CBD & The Hawaiian Culture

As a culture, the sooner we leave the lab and return to the plants for healing, the quicker our earth will heal from industrialization. The children need to be reminded that our earth is the supplier of all food and medicines and our earth provides this for free in exchange for protecting the environment and bioregions of earth. 

Here in Hawaii, we have a miracle level of plant medicines growing everywhere. The hemp plant being legalized is a sign we are returning to the garden of the earth to be nurtured and provided for. 

The Hawaiian people have an economic opportunity to return to their native lands, escape the resort jobs, and teach the children the old ways of Hawaii culture. 

When you buy CBD oil from Hawaiian hemp companies you are investing in the future of indigenous Hawaiian people. 

The Hawaiian people have been suppressed in ways hard to imagine and buying you CBD oil in Hawaii gives them the ability to be on the land again.

Hawaii CBD can become a huge sustainable wealth creator for the Hawaiian people. 

Try out the CBD oil Hawaii has to offer and you will quickly notice the healing effects and purity that comes from a medicine grown on an island that is farther away from any landmass on earth. 

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CBD Oil From MauiCBD in Hawaii!

Our medicine at Maui CBD is grown far from industry, in native Hawaiian lands, and using permaculture organic growing techniques and Hawaiian indigenous permaculture techniques. 

We only grow a polyculture which means we grow many kinds of plants in the same field. This creates a stronger medicine, allows us to use only organic growing, and protects plants from bugs and molds. 

We grow our turmeric along with our hemp, our kava along with Passionflower and hemp. We have a community of plants that live in harmony with nature. 

It’s a stark contrast to the smoke-filled metal pharmaceutical factories which pump out synthetic medicines genetically altered and produced from chemicals.

We are excited to be with you as you embark on a journey back home to real health and sustainability on earth.

Now that you know CBD oil is legal in Hawaii, it’s time to buy some to try and feel the difference each bioregion produces.

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