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We are maui cbd, we are stewards of the aina (the land of hawaii). We are here to guide our hearts, to a place of divine wisdom, that nurtures all life as equal, and worthy to be protected and loved.

We believe all beings deserve to be filled with life, love, and laughter.

Our family is a team of 3 generations of herbalist, permaculturist, and organic hemp farmers having over 45 years continuous hands on experience growing and breeding organic high grade medicinal herbs, oils and seeds.

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There is no other place on earth that can make you relax more then the thought of hawaii.

The smell of flowers,the sounds of birds, the crashing of waves as the ocean sparkles in a sapphire bliss. When you first discover our polynesian sun grown products, you will be washed away to the hawaiian islands. Imagine going to a warm sunny beach and meditating with turtles and dolphins. These products really work!

We are a family of pure organic farmers and consumers. We started growing organic in 1996 when folks were first finding out about hormones,antibiotics,pesticides,and gmo being introduced into our bodies thru food and water we consume. I immediately switched over to eating all organic as it felt better and made me feel good about my impact on earth.

Here at maui cbd we have very special items for you. All of our products are created using all maui grown ingredients, that are way beyond organically grown on our solar powered maui hemp micro farms using living soil techniques , as well as wildcrafting directly out of nature, far from the noise and pollution of town. All of our made in hawaii products are tested at a third party lab for over 125 common pesticides ,50 types of dangerous food pathogens/molds, all dangerous heavy metals and solvents. Also all non gmo verified strains. Any ingredient in our products are guaranteed to be free of all contaminants, far superior to usda organic. All you can see is ocean and nature at our 2500 ft perch overlooking the pacific ocean on the hips of mt haleakala, maui, hawaii.

No industry within 15 miles of our farm in all directions, our main farm is within a designated hawaiian village land area that has never been used to farm and has no chemicals or pesticides used ever in its history. This allows us to grow the most juiciest, vibrant, mana filled plants and trees that of course give back with amazing quality fruits and herbs that are designed to enlighten. The experience your body is going to have with our products will absolutely amaze you and bring you into a higher vibrational field that can withstand so much more with grace and love.

We are all on a journey as humans on planet earth. What we put into our bodies is of paramount importance. Using ingredients that are grown with care, and a higher purpose, makes the plants thrive and produce more full spectrum oils. We donate to local non profits which gives free herbal medicine and foods to community members who are suffering and need assistance. Our entire company philosophy is that community is more important then profits. We also believe that you, your children, and many generations to come depends on families like ours to create a truly special product that far exceeds all expectations and brings a new experience to herbal edibles that can only be described as “Ono” in hawaiian language


Here at maui cbd we believe in setting a standard.

When you join you can follow our process of growing maui hemp in a hawaiian homeland village, as well as how we make our medicines beyond organic.

When you join mcc you will get updates on all cbd products, as well as any discounts we offer, and free entry into our monthly “Self heal” events.

If you live on maui and are feeling the many stresses that come with life, it is time to join our cbd collective. Meet like-minded folks learning to thrive again.

Learn all about cbd and how to make medicines from the raw cbd plant, and grow it at home. 

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