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Welcome to Maui CBD Collective

Aloha friends,We are excited to offer the best quality hemp products on earth. We really care about the environment and the community. We donate 250,000 dollars worth of hemp medicines to the Hawaiian people every year for last 4 years. We are also helping to fund a revolution in micro farmed hemp in Hawaii. We […]
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Alternative herbal medicine. Bioregional Herbalism and hemp-derived CBD products.

Bioregional Herbalism From Maui CBD Collective

How Does Bioregional Herbalism Connect With Maui CBD Collective? Maui CBD Collective is a group of herbalists who are deeply involved in bioregional herbalism. Our farms on Maui are Permaculture organic farms where we practice no-till, living soil growing, and always hand harvest and cure to perfection. We use ingredients grown on Maui Hawaii at […]
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