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CBD oil in a shopping cart. where to buy hemp oil in hawaii?

Where to Buy Hemp Oil In Hawaii

Buy The Best Hemp Oil In Hawaii

Aloha, and welcome to Maui Hawaii’s ultimate plant medicines company. Where you’ll find the best help oil in Hawaii. We are on a new level for many reasons.

Some of the highlights of our products are: 

  • Full-spectrum, certified organic ingredients, farm to table traceability
  • Community empowerment through education and assistance to help families start to grow organic
  • Polyculture grown,  no-till living soil-grown, blending traditional Hawaiian permaculture techniques with organic new-age techniques to bring an ultimate quality, 
  • Local Hawaiian plant inputs, herbalists formulated, always fresh and lab-tested, vertically integrated seed to sale, and so much more. 

where to buy hemp oil in hawaii?

Where To Shop For Hemp Oil in Hawaii

A lot of people arrive on the islands to enjoy the warm sunshine, swim with dolphins, take a break from responsibilities, and they want to feel great and at ease in mind, body, and spirit.

So when they arrive they are asking where to buy hemp oil in Hawaii? The answer is Maui CBD. We have several options to make your vacation the best ever! 

First, we have a website at You can order and all orders of any size have free shipping to your door which takes 1 day in Hawaii to arrive. 

little dog on front porch. cbd rich hemp oil for sale. hemp oil for sale near me

CBD Retail Store in Wailea: Maui CBD Prime

We also have a store in Wailea that carries every product we make plus some other local products that you know are the best Hawaii has to offer. Our flagship store in Wailea is called Maui CBD Prime. 

We offer in-store service where the store is set up like a gallery with lots of room to breathe and an interactive automatic attendant that will educate you on our products. 

Our store is Covid proofed and we have many features to keep our store safe. In addition, our store offers delivery to your hotel or condo and a curbside pickup. 

Adult women shopping in a wellness shop. where to buy hemp oil in Hawaii? cbd hemp oil for sale

The Quality of Our Hemp Oil

Hemp oil in Hawaii has a broad range of quality. In Hawaii, the government allows more pesticides and less oversite than we think is appropriate. 

That’s why you need to locate a highly integral company willing to self regulate and set high standards even when they are not required. Because of heavy influence on our government officials, big agriculture companies like Monsanto and other genetic modification companies are allowed to create GMO crops including hemp. 

At Maui CBD our micro-farms are strategically positioned far from these fields and industry. We choose Hawaiian homeland areas far from civilization and neighbors. 

These pristine environments allow us to grow pure plant medicines that are free of GMOs and toxic waste products that big huge fields end up needing. 

hemp oil for sale near me. where to buy hemp oil online

Why Say No To Mono-Crop Fields of Hemp

The reason big mono-crop fields of hemp need more toxic spraying is that it becomes unbalanced when only one plant is in every row and treated like a commodity instead of medicine. 

Staying away from this medicine is very important for many reasons:

  1. It damages the soil and earth when someone grows huge mono-crops.
  2. It requires way more spraying of pesticides and fertilizers because mono-crops deplete the soil and create an imbalance with soil microorganisms and beneficial bugs that need diversity to thrive and stay.
  3. Big Ag is able to buy their way out of the damage they do to the land, and poisons they use. They pay the fines and keep going. You lose because your medicine is not at the level it could be at.

Finding a micro-farm that specializes in organic permaculture and has a polyculture of plants in the field, growing hemp and other plants is where to buy hemp oil in Hawaii.

If you speak to the owners, growers, and medicine makers of a brand and they speak of organic, farm to table, and permaculture farming then you know where to buy hemp oil in Hawaii! 

If they do say they do these things and grow, extract, and produce their own medicine, make sure to speak to the team they have, get photos, and any lab tests they offer. Your body is depending on receiving pure organic medicine. 

testing hemp oils in a lab. cbd rich hemp oil for sale

So Where Should You Buy Your Hemp Oil in Hawaii?

So when you ask yourself: where do I buy hemp oil in Hawaii, you now will know important ways to locate the real quality your body deserves.

Maui CBD grows its own plants to add to the medicines, as well as wildcrafting in nature. We know where every leaf was grown, and when it was harvested, and if it was grown away from roads and industry. So we really know what’s in our medicines. 

90% of hemp companies out there do not know the answer to these questions and are hoping that what they are selling is good. Most businesses are concerned about the bottom line and squeezing profits from everything they do.

 With this mindset, the hemp medicine is bound to be of lower quality as the purpose of the business is to make money. Only a small handful of us are actually creating medicines to bring healing to the community at any cost. 

Our costs are way higher than most hemp companies, and our workload is 2-3 times as much since we don’t use heavy machinery and do everything from hand. This does not bother us, as our business mission is to bring the highest quality hemp oil to humans and animals, in an organic sustainable way, no matter what the cost is.

cbd rich hemp oil for sale

As a result, our medicine speaks for itself and delivers a truly new level of healing. Less than 5% of the hemp medicines out there are created this way and have owners who will not bend for profits. In our stores and online notice, we don’t have plastic containers or single-use packaging. 

We strive to use only glass and compostable materials so you can feel great tossing our packaging into a compost. We only use miron dark violet glass which blocks sunlight from breaking down the oils in our tinctures. 

This packaging costs about 3 times as much as amber or blue but is truly going to protect your investment into the medicine.


cbd hemp oil for sale

Each detail is crucial for delivering this miracle medicine. We appreciate the customers we attract because most of them are aware of the need to tread lightly on earth and use all possible ways to protect the earth as possible. 

We are that brand. We lived this way before we started Maui CBD and saw a need for high integrity organic environmentally aware hemp company in Hawaii to set a standard that can influence many other companies to step up the quality and footprint they create in Hawaii. 

Buying CBD Hemp Oil in Hawaii

Buying CBD oil in Hawaii becomes very clear as you sort through this list of questions:

  1. Does the company grow their own hemp and other ingredients? Are they organically grown or wildcrafted?
  2. Are there herbalists formulating the medicines that have a deep understanding of synergistic qualities and correct proportions to blend high-quality herbal tinctures?
  3. Does the company donate to making the local community a better place?
  4. Is the owner’s vision in alignment with protecting the earth and delivering real high-grade plant medicines?

Next time you visit Hawaii and someone asks where do I buy hemp oil in Hawaii, simply take them to

You can trust you will share with them the magnificence of a truly higher purpose brand that was created to bring you and your family back to health and relieve pain so you can feel good and enjoy life the way you know it was meant to be.

shop for cbd products online in hawaii - cta CTA

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