Beyond Organic Polynesian Sungrown

Always Organic. Always Fresh.

dedicated to providing the highest quality products, from soil to oil

We grow a wide variety of herbal plants together with our hemp strains which enables us to bring you artisan level, hand harvested, small-batch products. Using heirloom seed genetics, and growing beyond organic non-GMO we can provide you with cannabinoid rich full spectrum hemp oil extracts.

maui cbd is the first sustainable, sungrown hemp company to embrace the small, family-owned micro farm model in hawaii.

maui cbd farm

Our farms specialize in regenerative gardening, permaculture, polyculture and no till planting.

We believe in the power of laulima (many hands working together) forming a collective of micro farms, and through this we are able to share small batch, hand harvested, beyond organic medicines.

Maui CBD collective is dedicated to providing the highest quality products, from soil to oil.

In our commitment to quality, we provide third-party testing to ensure the products we offer live up to our high standards. We follow the strict guidelines set forth by such agencies as FDA (CGMP), Biodynamic , and the USDA to ensure that we always deliver the highest quality products.

maui cbd tinctures
maui cbd harvesting

We have deep gratitude and reverence to our Earth and all those who have walked before us and passed down the knowledge of the healing plants.

Our values are centered in protecting the ‘aina (land) through sustainable land.  projects, revitalizing plant medicine knowledge, & giving back to Hawaiian families. Our belief is that we can come together as a community, share the abundance of the garden, and bring health & healing to our planet.