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Maui CBD Collective

Our Mission

We are here to build a bridge from micro-farms and herbalists to YOU!


We believe a sustainable micro-farm model can always be embraced by the hemp community, especially as large-scale industrialized hemp production becomes a reality. 


Within our collective of incredible farmers, herbalists, and state of the art facilities, our abilities range from sourcing organically cultivated Hawaiian plants, creating potent herbal products, distribution, and white label services to local families. We offer this scale of services to help expand small family owned businesses while sharing this powerful vision of a permaculture revolution.

Our Goals: 
– For Customers 

‍We believe customers deserve to know who grows their plant medicines, including where and how they are grown. Through our transparent supply chain, we provide a consistent and reliable selection of permaculture grown, pesticide free, terpene rich hemp products. We source all our plant medicines from our farm,micro farms in hawaii, and wildcrafted in the deep jungles and forests of hawaii’s mountains and coasts. All transparent and traceable.

– For Herbalists and Health Practitioners

We offer a wide range of processing, co-packing, white label, and distribution services to a growing number of health practitioners, herbalists, apothecaries, health food stores, and other retail stores whose visions are in alignment of healing communities with products that support a regenerative and sustainable Earth.


‍- For Farmers

‍We partner with small micro farms to provide a scalable platform that allows them to tell their story, distribute their products to the global market, and focus on doing what they love…farming! This allows our farmers to also keep the value they create within their local communities intact. 

-For the Community

Every year we donate herbal medicines and food to community members who are suffering and need assistance So far we have donated over 1 million dollars worth of herbal medicine to Hawaiian families and members with chronic pain in our community. We believe everyone deserves clean pure medicine from the Earth! 


From the bottom of our hearts, we hope you enjoy our organic micro farmed and traceable farm to table hemp products. Mahalo for being a part of our vision!

The Polyculture Way

Here at Maui cbd we care about the earth and regenerating the soil for generations to come. We grow all our herbs and foods in living soils, beyond organic with a medley of different species of herbs, flowers, and trees co-existing together. 


Living soil is create in the earth when you do not till or change the soil. We feed compost teas and plant ferments to our gardens which nourishes the microflora in the soil. Building up living soil takes time, a minimum of 1 month prepare, but more like 1-2 years to get the soil to a place where it starts producing higher terpenes and cannabinoids. 


By creating diverse gardens where a variety of plants co-exist we are able to create a force field against bug infestation, mold, and other pests… We also plant a wide variety of flowers that attract wonderful pollinators to our gardens.  We give thanks everyday to the bees and butterflies!


When we grow a wide variety of herbal plants together with our hemp strains it enables us to bring you an artisan level, hand harvested, small batch product, using heirloom seed genetics, and growing beyond organic non gmo we can provide you with  cannabinoid rich full spectrum hemp oil extracts. 




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